- Meeting européen et AAP "BIOENGINEERING AND MEDTECH AGAINST CANCER" avec le Cluster catalan BIOCAT


Meeting européen et AAP “BIOENGINEERING AND MEDTECH AGAINST CANCER” avec le Cluster catalan BIOCAT

Le pôle MEDICEN à Paris et le cluster BIOCAT à Barcelone se sont associé pour organiser un événement rassemblant les acteurs Medtech et en Biotech luttant contre le Cancer.

Dans le cadre de ce projet,

  • Participez au 1er événement BIOENGINEERING AND MEDTECH AGAINST CANCER les 24 et 25 Novembre
    AGENDA & Programme

To meet the challenges in healthcare of the 21st century, we need to develop novel approaches by combining Bioengineering and Medtech to cancer diagnosis and prognosis. Each has a role to play in this open innovation model: clinician, engineers, industrials, entrepreneurs, doctors, MedTech companies and, of course, patients.

It’s in this optic, to bring together the different stakeholders and increase collaborations, that the digital oncology short course will take place the 24th and 25th of November 2020 in collaboration with IBEC and the Biocat.