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Visuel evènement seqens

New trends in oncology at the frontier of chemistry and biology: How to solve the specific manufacturing challenges associated with these New Molecular Entities ?

June 18th 2024

Drug discovery in oncology is accelerating and new therapeutic modalities have emerged during the last few years, allowing to address previously undruggable targets, and expanded the medical armamentarium against cancer.

While Biologics have concentrated expectations of new developments until recently in oncology, with monoclonal antibodies targeting PD1 or PDL1, and more recently bispecific antibodies, chemistry is on the rise again. Most recent developments on Antibody Drug Conjugates rely on chemistry, for the linker and the payload. Also, with an emerging new generation of small molecules, such as proximity inducers, PROTACs or molecular glues, still in clinical phase, a recent article described the ongoing period as a new golden age for small molecule drug discovery. Seqens developed its capabilities for the development of the potentially complex chemistries associated with these new molecules, and invested in several large scale assets for the manufacturing of anticancer Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, with highly potent and potent capabilities.

Cell therapy has also emerged as an established modality and is expected to grow significantly. 90% of cell therapy pipeline drugs are in oncology. While most marketed cell therapy treatments are based on autologous CAR-T cells, allogeneic treatments and other cell types are expected to emerge during the next decade. Manufacturing cell therapy products comes with specific challenges, requiring to be close to patients and to partner with experienced teams. Seqens acquired last year CellforCure, a Cell & Gene manufacturing site with real life experience of commercial CAR-T manufacturing and 10 years of Cell & Gene CDMO track record.

Join the webinar where Seqens will present how to help solving the specific manufacturing challenges associated with the New Molecular Entities in development in oncology.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Insights on new therapeutic developments with hybrid molecules combining standard chemistry and biologics, which come with specific manufacturing challenges
  • How to control Permitted Daily Exposure and Occupational Exposure Limits for the manufacturing of Potent active ingredients and intermediates
  • Unveiling the real-life experience of manufacturing Cell & Gene therapies



  • Nathalie Argentin, Group Industrial Hygiene Expert, Seqens
  • Marc-Olivier Mignon, Chief Commercial Officer, Cell & Gene Therapies, Seqens
  • Ronan Rocle, Technology Marketing Manager, Seqens