Main R&D objectives

To make the Paris Region a high-level translational medicine centre we need:

  • to develop centres of excellence for translational medicine (CETM),
  • to establish technological platforms and institutes for imaging, bio-engineering and bio-digitals,
  • to establish high quality training with qualifications for students, researchers, and employees to meet new requirements and prepare new jobs.
  • to develop collaborative projects between academic, clinical and industrial partners to make major technological advances in imaging, biomarkers, bio-engineering, biotherapies, bio-digital systems and bio-instrumentation, to improve prognosis, diagnosis and therapies.

Development aims of the cluster and its ecosystem

The main objectives of Medicen Paris Region are to create a real “cluster” dynamic contributing to the creation and development of SMEs, key players in the cluster and to increase the cluster’s industrial attractiveness. 

In this perspective, its aims are:

  • to create a community whose thoughts, aims and actions are centred on technology, transfer and innovation and to create dynamic channels for dialogue and sharing between its members.
  • to strengthen the cluster’s resources and geographical base so that it can be the key healthcare player in the Paris Region, developing joint activities with regional partners: communities, economic development organisations, businesses, universities, research institutes, public and private sponsors.
  • to invigorate the pharmaceutical and biotechnology company sector (prioritising SMEs/YICs) and the imaging, bio-instrumentation and service sector in human healthcare in the Paris Region.
  • to develop partnerships with international, particularly European, clusters, to increase the recognition of the cluster and its members, facilitating access through resources and opportunities that are not available in the Paris Region.
  • to develop regional and national partnerships with clusters that have complementary healthcare and health ICT activities.
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